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Content For Custom Videos That Is NOT Allowed
  • No presence of bodily excretions. Bodily excretions including feces, menstruation or vomit.

  • No presence of blood (real or fake). Blood (real or fake) can not appear in any content on our platform. This includes Vampire fetishes/fantasies.

  • No content displaying real harm and/or extreme violence. Real harm and/or extreme violence (or giving the appearance of) towards any performer can not appear on our platform (fantasy harm is okay). This includes suicide encouragement and/or fantasies, as well as murder encouragement and/or fantasies. This also includes acting out and/or describing a murder.

  • No weapons. Weapons of any kind: guns, bb guns, knives, etc.

  • No inflicting harm with tools or objects. Tools or objects may not be used in any content, if they are conflicting real and potentially lasting physical injury (or giving the appearance of), to any person.

  • No bestiality.

  • No incestual blood relationships are allowed in any content. Step-family is ok.

  • No “intox” or drug use content is allowed under any circumstances.

    • No taking, smoking, inhaling, sniffing, or ingesting any type of drug, substance, poppers/aroma or stimulant even if it’s just acting. This content is not allowed even if it is stated to be within a “fantasy” context.

    • Drug paraphernalia may not be used as a prop within any posted content even if it is stated to be within a “fantasy” context.

    • Props used to mimic drugs/drug use are not allowed within any posted content even if it is stated to be within a “fantasy” context.  

  • No necrophilia. Necrophilia of any kind, real or fake, is not allowed.

  • No racial humiliation, racial slurs or symbols. Racial humiliation, racial slurs or racial symbols can not appear in any content on my vids, even within a fantasy and/or fetish scenario.

  • No religious defacing, destruction or humiliation. This includes any religion, religious idol or religious book. Any content in which a religion or religious materials are being desecrated or the viewer is being instructed to desecrate said materials is not allowed. 

  • No real blackmail or real exposure. Real blackmail and real exposure, as well as anything that appears to be real blackmail or real exposure, is not allowed. This includes posting any person’s name, address, contact information, or anything that appears to be a real person's personal information. This is illegal in the United States. Only blackmail or exposure that is clearly labeled a fantasy and clearly is a fantasy scenario is allowed.

  • No public locations. Content may not be created in locations that are public. Outdoor locations are okay, as long as they are completely private (non-public) such as the car or backyard.

  • No excessive/violent fisting.

  • No fraud.

  • No 'end of life' of any living creature or once-living creature. The crushing or drowning of any living creature, or once-living creature, is not allowed. This includes animals, fish, insects, crabs, lobsters, cockroaches, spiders, lizards, mice(rats), ants and all other living or once-living creatures.

  • No disobeying any laws.  

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